Barry Prophet: Bio Mechanical | Massachusetts, Cambridge - Cambridge - United States

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Barry Prophet

Bio Mechanical

Massachusetts, Cambridge - Cambridge - United States

lat.: 42.375100, long.: -71.105610

About the work

Bio Mechanical explores patterns and atmospheres both in the camera feed content and the electroacoustic composition.

About the artist

Barry Prophet

Barry Prophet is a composer, percussionist, installation artist and sculptor whose music has appeared in galleries and theatres in Canada, United States and Europe. Creating unique sounds since 1979.

Barry’s outdoor interactive sound sculptures include ‘A Gathering of Quivers’ The Tree Museum Muskoka 2005, ‘ Black Quiver’ at MacLaren Art Centre Barrie 2007, ‘Synthecycletron’ a seasonally permanent interactive electronic sound sculpture commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art for Toronto Island 2007, and ‘Sound Booth’ in W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery’s ‘Ice Follies 2010’ on frozen Lake Nipissing, North Bay.

Integrated Arts installation ‘Dwellings & Incursions’ at Rail’s End Gallery in conjunction, the Haliburton Sculpture Forest presented Barry’s outdoor installation ‘Alatus Rising’ with OAC Exhibition Support 2006. ‘Dwellings & Incursions: Natural Selection & Community’ book & CD project supported by OAC Multi-Arts Office. That same year Barry received OAC Integrated Arts support for ‘The Medium is the Method, Explorations in Sound Sculpture, Working with Water Project’ 2008. ‘Dwellings & Incursions: Natural Selection & Community’ at Lawrence House Centre for the Arts Sarnia, Integrated & Media Arts Installation, opening performance and residency 2009. ‘Dwellings & Incursions: Photography by Barry Prophet’ May 1-July 31, 401 Richmond St.W. Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2012.

Barry composes for contemporary dance and performs live improvisation using Sound Art, Percussion Synthesizers & digital Theremin with live processing. He has performed numerous times at a variety of venues including the Royal Ontario Museum, Audiopollination, Ratio & silence.

In 2015, Barry Prophet signed a deal with The Sublunar Society. Sublunar has released four albums with Prophet : Sound As Instrument & Art – Volume 1 and Sound As Instrument & Art – Volume 2 in 2015, While You Were Sleeping in 2016, Elusive Moving Parts, From the Margins 2017, Elastic Labours, Inevitable 2018.

Aesthetically, Prophet identifies sonic and installation environments as communities for expression.