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Black Sifichi

10 euro toilet Black Sifichi washed comp

Webcam Shop - London - United Kingdom

lat.: 51.50853, long.: -0.12574

About the artist

Born in New York City, Black Sifichi spent his early youth moving between New York City and Glasgow, Scotland. After having studied with Stella Adler, he began performing as an actor in New York's downtown theater scene . As an 'off-off-broadway' actor he worked with the Shelter West Theater Company and the Bowery Performance Garage. Encouraged by both John Weidner and Ann Raychell to take his photography 'seriously' ….  Sifichi soon became the official photographer for the Shelter West company. He was also the main actor for John Weidner in his early 16mm black and white films based on outcasts and the homeless in urban New York.  After seeing The Clash at NY's Palladium (1979) and later at Bond's, his attitude toward music and social vision was radically transformed.  In 1982 he quit New York to live in London. Later, during a tour with Von Magnet at the Transmusicales festival in Rennes, Black met Roma Napoli of the art group DIX 10.   A year later he left London for Paris to be in Roma.  One evening, during a Paris party, Black played some of his 'homemade poetry cassettes' for the group Von Magnet. Erik Yeager decided to take these "lo-fi" tapes further and produced the album -  Black Sifichi & Negative Stencil 'TICK'  - The road to sound and poetry was now opened.  After Tick was released Black began working with other musicians — Norscq, BXT, UHT, Simon Fisher Turner, Ez3kiel, Burnt Friedman, Trans Global Underground, Wide Open Cage, Brain Damage, Rodolphe Burger, and eventually released the seminal album 'Unsavoury Products', a homage to William S. Burroughs, with The Black Dog. Since then, Sifichi has participated on more than 60 record releases and continues doing his independent radio program 'Audiometric' which is broadcast weekly in Paris and 4 other French cities. These days he works with Gerome Nox, Mathias Delplanque, 2kilos &More, Olivier Mellano, Norscq, Emmanuelle Gibello, and occassionally babbles with The Bilbao Gaga Memories.  He is a post Dadaist. A post Beat. A post Kodak. A post video. A post punk. A sort of post Renaissance man.  He has an album out on Optical Sound Records with Gerome Nox — "BlackNox" - 'we don't believe in heaven…' and he's proud of that.  Here is a new and personal track for the Acoustic Cameras project.