Blaine L. Reininger: Waterphone | Le Sirenuse Hotel - Positano - Italy

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Blaine L. Reininger


Le Sirenuse Hotel - Positano - Italy

lat.: 40.6333, long.: 14.4832

About the work

Waterphone, composed and performed by Blaine L. Reininger, 2014.
All rights reserved, SABAM.

About the artist

Blaine L. Reininger is an American composer born in 1953 in Pueblo, Colorado. Having studied violin from age 9 guitar from age 11 and music theory and composition through high school and into college, he left Colorado in 1976 for San Francisco. There, in 1977, as a consequence of his studies in electronic music at San Francisco City College, he started the legendary American cult band Tuxedomoon together with classmate StevenBrown.

In 1981, Reininger and the group left America to practice their art in Europe. Over the course of the ensuing years, many artistic collaborations took place and many cd’s were recorded. These collaborations, while mostly musical in nature, often moved into other fields such as dance, theatre, and film.

Reininger continues to live and work in Europe, having lived in Athens, Greece since 1998.