Cocoon: You've arrived | - - Osaka - Japan

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You've arrived

- - Osaka - Japan

lat.: 34.69389, long.: 135.50222

About the work

"You've arrived" is the motto of Fairhope, Alabama.
Fairhope was founded in November 1894 on the site of former Alabama City as a radical Georgist "Single-Tax" colony by the Fairhope Industrial Association, a group of 28 followers of economist Henry George who had incorporated earlier that year in Des Moines, Iowa. Their corporate constitution explained their purpose in founding a new colony: "to establish and conduct a model community or colony, free from all forms of private monopoly, and to secure to its members therein equality of opportunity, the full reward of individual efforts, and the benefits of co-operation in matters of general concern." (from Wikipedia)

About the artist

Christophe Demarthe started music and performance as the co-founder and lead singer of the post-punk band Clair Obscur which was one of the first groups in the 80s in France which made links between music, visual arts, dance and theatre.
He created the project Cocoon in 2004, mixing electronic music, video and performance.
In his performances Cocoon questions the presentation of music in public.
He has performed at
Le Nouveau Festival du Centre Pompidou, Emergences/Villette Numérique, Qwartz Awards, Le Cube, Interstice, Emo-Son, Ososphere, Espace de l'Art Concret...
Under the name Cocoon Christophe Demarthe has worked with the choreographers and directors Anne Juren, Annie Dorsen, Superamas, the visual artists Pierre Beloüin, P. Nicolas Ledoux, Ultralab.
Cocoon is published by Optical Sound.