Debashis Sinha: Cathedral | Tokyo - Tokyo - Japan

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Debashis Sinha


Tokyo - Tokyo - Japan

lat.: 35.689506, long.: 139.691700

About the work

“Cathedral” is a work that comes from an intent to create an open space with sound, a place of contemplation and connection, reframing the colonialist and violent architectural form of the cathedral to rediscover its true function. The choice of Japan was likewise deliberate, a response to Sinha’s visits to the country over the years and his fascination with the close coexistence of the power and spirituality of nature alongside a hypermodern society. The music reflects this duality, combining Zen like aural gestures with modern electronic tools. The work was recorded in one take in Toronto, Canada, where the composer resides.

About the artist

A percussionist with a distinctive voice and imagination, Sinha has long been a fixture on Canada’s creative music scene as an acoustic and electronic musician, exploring the many different ways traditional and contemporary tools can inform each other, expressing a fierce desire to expand the notions of what it means to express and be influenced by a life in/between cultures. Sinha has appeared on the Gustaff and Establishment record labels, as a solo artist at the Sound Symposium, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, ORF Kunstradio, Deutschlandradio Kultur, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Festival del Arte Radio, Madrid Abierto, MUTEK Montreal, NeurIPS, MUTEK Japan, the Guelph Jazz Festival, Radio National España, and ISEA to name a few. He is active in the Canadian theatre community as an award winning sound designer and composer, creating audio for productions at Soulpepper, the Stratford Festival, Necessary Angel, and many other companies.