Drahomira Song Orchestra: The Edge of Vanishing | Javorovy Vrch Ski Resort - Trinec - Czech Republic

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Drahomira Song Orchestra

The Edge of Vanishing

Javorovy Vrch Ski Resort - Trinec - Czech Republic

lat.: 49.6833, long.: 18.65

About the work

This czech ski resort had been classified a few years ago by the scientific british revue « The Unlikely » as one of the fifty spots on earth where people disappear the most. That’s why we chose this webcam and composed the soundtrack « The Edge of Vanishing », assuming most of the people trespassing here would probably never show up again, assuming the viewers witness wanderers in Limbo. This is a soundtrack for the end of the land, space and therefor time.

About the artist

Drahomira Song Orchestra is a part of the multi-disciplinary art group « Institut Drahomira », which was founded approximatively twenty years ago in Karlovy Vary (CZ). Since then, a few of their musical experiments were sporadically released on labels such as Waystyx Records, Flesh Eating Ants, Vacuum, and most recently L’Étrange Sonothèque. This Acoustic Camera project saw the collaboration of filmmaker Jean-Christophe Sanchez and collage artist Julien Pacaud.