el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP: Lights | Austurland - Hofn. - Iceland

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el TiGeR CoMiCs GRoUP


Austurland - Hofn. - Iceland

lat.: 64.25387, long.: -15.2082

About the artist

For the past few years, el TiGeR CoMiCS GRoUP has focused on modular synthesizer composition. He develops data visualization applications with the different groups or collectives he co-founded: Variable (Modular synth and audio visualization), (Y) Modular synth and video created in real time thanks to digital microscopes, HUM with contemporary artist Paul Duncombe for sound synthesis generated by video images, Pest Modern with Joël & Emmanuel Hubaut on a Rock'n'roll sound poetry project, and 3W Electron Tube, experimental music trio with real time 3D sonogram creation and audio multi-cast.

On the occasion of the release of its new album "After" (Gestation Production / Station Mir), el TiGeR CoMiCS GRoUP proposes a concert in octophony. In a nod to the music of the spheres, the audience, in a central position, is bathed in a universe of resonant stars that surround them, cross them, and slowly evolve towards a sound cloud. The music is composed on a modular synthesizer and the sounds move according to choreographies inspired by movements present in nature. An aesthetic at the crossroads of minimalist, electronic and spectral trends. The 8/... project is a global project of creation of immersive sound spaces, intended to produce installations and concerts. Several creations are in gestation since 2 years and the first diffusion will take place in May 2023 for the festival ]interstice[17 in Caen, France.