Felix Kubin: Regensburg | University of Regensburg - Regensburg - Germany

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Felix Kubin


University of Regensburg - Regensburg - Germany

lat.: 49.014999, long.: 12.0956

About the work

Majestic at day, spectral at night. The camera must be inside a building cause sometimes at dusk you can see the image of a room reflecting in the window, and at times a person…or maybe a ghost

About the artist

Felix Kubin is a composer, author, curator and media artist. A lovechild of the home recording era (he started to compose electronic 4-track music at the age of 12), his activities span futurist pop, electroacoustic and chamber music, radio plays, performance projects and workshops. Kubin’s music is saturated with enthusiasm for disharmonic pop, industrial noise, and 20th-century avant-garde music. He likes to move between high and low culture, clubs and concert halls, as his main concern is the shifting of contexts and expectations.