George Moraitis: Sonakinography — Site-specific acoustic installation | - Honolulu, Hawaii - USA

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George Moraitis

Sonakinography — Site-specific acoustic installation

- Honolulu, Hawaii - USA

lat.: 21.313120, long.: -157.822133

About the work

The elements of the work can be understood through the patterns of sound movement in space, where each micro event is present. Yet, it is the resulting complexity of the total system, that defies any attempt in dissecting it.
The multitudinous movement frames the structure of the individual sonic particles. In this space we are able to perceive the modulations from sparse scatterings to dense scintillations.
Each of the parts is a different aural event constructed digitally in the studio starting from a wide variety of sonic materials that are de-constructed and reassembled according to perceptive and spatial criteria.

About the artist

George Moraitis is an artist, composer and designer operating between Athens and Glasgow.
Working with sound, installations and performance, Moraitis explores the limits of human existence and sets focus of a narrative which is stimulating memory and a sense of history, as well as the reality of our present day experience, to express the underlying tensions within contemporary society, and the multiplicity and fragmentation of its language.
His installations incorporate sound and found objects which are often accompanied by drawings, screen prints, videos and writings.