Hervé Birolini: Four Signs | Home Security Cam - Helsinki - Finland

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Hervé Birolini

Four Signs

Home Security Cam - Helsinki - Finland

lat.: 60.1755, long.: 24.9342

About the work

Four images to isolate a moment, a living space, a listening space. At the right distance, Through these openings, the computer summons the fantastic. By looking closely, he is never far away, it is nestled in a detail, a movement, a reflection, another light, and the cinematographic ? Maybe... But, that's life which decide the moment of the meeting.

About the artist

Hervé Birolini explores all the domains of the sound. From acousmatic concert to installation, live electronics performance to music for stage play, movie, radio Art or mixed music, his grounds of experiment feed each other and question ceaselessly his position as a composer.

Mainly based on the electronic paradigm , his music develops from all kond of sound materials, but also from sound objects produced by a personnal computer lutherie constantly evolving. The technological level in his works is at the same time a tool and a way to question the contemporary artistic production. His taste for the live performance, and more particularly his links with contemporary dance, leads him to produce musical works which also commit space, body, gesture and scenography. His works refer to the electronic, concrete, experimental and contemporary musics in their most open aspects.

They won several national and international awards and are regularly broadcasted on radio, festivals and television programs.