Jarboe: FOUCAULT - 2_2_16, 2.04 PM | Foucault's Pendulum - Heidelberg - Germany

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FOUCAULT - 2_2_16, 2.04 PM

Foucault's Pendulum - Heidelberg - Germany

lat.: 49.416698, long.: 8.7

About the work

"FOUCAULT - 2:2:16, 2.04 PM" from FOUCAULT'S PENDULUM by JARBOE. Released: 2016.

About the artist

Jarboe draws from a variety of sources: childhood in the Mississippi delta and New Orleans, life in NYC's east village during the post no-wave scene in the band Swans, university studies in literature and theatre, global travels, and a history of extensive recordings, collaborations, and performances (clubs, theaters, art galleries, cathedrals, festivals, live radio, television, film). Jarboe's voice and music is known for bold experimental as well as melodic diversity and expression. Over the course of her life through efforts in past and present disciplines, Jarboe explores the rebuilding / reinventing of identity and the elemental structures of personae.