Jérôme Poret: An Dich, Aphrodite | Kildare - Naas - Ireland

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Jérôme Poret

An Dich, Aphrodite

Kildare - Naas - Ireland

lat.: 53.215830, long.: -6.666940

About the work

The sound piece is realized on the base of field recordings and voice.
The voice whispers a secular and erotic text of the musician and poet Sappho - the famous, mythical figure from the Hellenistic period. Originally written in an Aeolic Greek dialect, the piece is a conjuration different kinds of sound and an invitation to emancipation.
The rare fragments of papyrus and ceramics, evoking traditional female activities, are preserved in Cologne, Munich and Warsaw.
The chosen camera frame shows a catholic space of worship located in the City of Lazo in Roma – a room of minimalist and functional appearance, adjusted to the monotheistic, cultural practices which is situated in the midst of a building that is home to executive powers.

Editing and sound recording: Jérôme Poret - voice: Ewa Knitter - sound mixing: Kreisstudio –
For an ideal sound quality, the sound piece is particularly conceived for a listening via headphones.

About the artist

Jérôme Poret lives and works in Paris. After his studies in Fine Arts and electroacoustic composition at the academy of music, he founded Transpalette, Centre for contemporary art, together with the Emmetrop organization.
For 10 years now, he realizes exhibitions on the French scene of 90’s, 2000’s and their ancestors, as well as on international figures such as Lawrence Weiner or Michael Snow. At the beginning of the second millennium, the encounter with the American biker, musician and artist Steven Parrino led the way to further cooperations.
His sound and plastic works center mainly around the implication of the gramophone.
Producer and founder of the record label labelle69, Jérôme performs and improvises regularly on experimental music and the turntablist scene - He teaches regularly acoustics and sound studies in Fine Arts and architecture schools.