kptmichigan: Hotline Novi Pazar | Hotline Vojvodina - Novi Pazar - Serbia

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Hotline Novi Pazar

Hotline Vojvodina - Novi Pazar - Serbia

lat.: 43.136670, long.: 20.512220

About the work

Made at Udio 1, Hillentrup, Germany

About the artist

Michael Beckett has been playing in bands since the early 90`s and releasing music since the mid 90`s.

A former Member of Tuesday Weld, The Beautiful New Born Children and The Schneider TM Experience, he continues to record and release music as kptmichigan, Trip Shrubb and KMG and with Super Reverb and Fuchs & Beckett.

He has played shows as north as Bergen (Norway), as south as Porto Alegre (Brazil), as west as San Francisco (U.S.A.) and as east as Tokyo (Japan).

He has worked for theatre and soundtracked animated short films.

He has mixed albums for bands such as Get Back Guinozzi, Eagle Boston, Hifiklub, The Innits and others.

He lives in the West German countryside where he owns a restaurant and dabbles in visual art..