Lily Cogwheel: To come | View - Torikatu - Finland

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Lily Cogwheel

To come

View - Torikatu - Finland

lat.: 61.683300, long.: 27.250000

About the work

This is a place of lonesome functionality. There is hardly anyone crossing the square, even the sun seems to shun this remote northern Finnish city. However, knowing the Finnish vibration we can suspect a ghost dwelling in the blue street lights. At night, he hovers over the square yearning for a comrade to play with.

About the artist

Lily Cogwheel (*1990 in Wales) constantly wakes up in places she doesn't recognize. She therefore has decided to compose her own existence after logarithms of resurrection. Her external body has particularly soft, drooping cheeks and lives in a morphological box. She believes that her lips can slow down time and that god is the invention of an electric field.