Marie Jullien: Into the Fog / Dans le brouillard | - Aarau - Switzerland

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Marie Jullien

Into the Fog / Dans le brouillard

- Aarau - Switzerland

lat.: 47.392540, long.: 8.044220

About the work

Case of love at first sight for this camera in Switzerland, Aargau, latitude 47.392540 and longitude 8.044220.
The painting “Wanderer above the Sea of Fog” by Caspar David Friedrich resonates immediately.
I wished to play on the romantic and foggy camera’s atmosphere and add a sound with tearful words on melancholic music.

For non-French speakers, the text says:

Wait, i'm not done yet I want to tell you something again.
It's just that I don't know how, how to express things and all, I can't and that's always like this.

We don't understand each other anymore and I think you noticed.
You changed but me too and all the world in fact, everything change non stop, always and we can't do anything, simply because that's it.

At the end we just inexorably drag both of us down.
And looking too much for each other, we sink into a thick fog.
But I'm scared loosing all my marks if we stop now like that.

It's scary, a fall into the void, but it's inevitable to move forward and see what's behind. And that I understood not so long ago, you see ?
But we'll follow each other you know, we'll living our lifes a little bit in parallel, I feel it.

And even if to me it's the only solution, I'm scared, believe me.
The After, the New, the unknown, it's bizarre, it's strange to errase everything just like that.
Anyway, as I said, I don't know how to express myself and all…
All of this is so sudden, I can understand you're suing me and that you don't understand…
and in fact I don't understand myself.
Why it resonates that way in my head, why it's blurry and wobbly and I'm sorry.
Wait no, don't go, listen to me please.

Coup de cœur pour cette caméra en Suisse dans la région Aargau, située à latitude 47.392540 et longitude 8.044220.
La peinture “Voyageur contemplant une mer de nuages” de Caspar David Friedrich résonne immédiatement.
J’ai souhaité jouer sur l’ambiance romantique et brumeuse du paysage capté en y ajoutant un son de voix avec des paroles éplorées sur une musique mélancolique.

About the artist

Marie Jullien, 20 years old, depressed romantic just like some kitsch hollywoodian movies’s figures.
My inspiration came from academic painting and drawing as well as Realism Art.
Hypersensitive aquarius, expression of emotions and deep personal feelings remains an achievement.

Marie Jullien, 20 ans, romantique dépressive à l’image de certains personnages du cinéma kitsch hollywoodien.
Mon inspiration se trouve dans la peinture et le dessin dits académiques ainsi que dans l’art Réaliste.
Verseau hypersensible, l’expression des émotions ou des sentiments personnels demeure un exploit.