Michel Guillet: Three Realities 2021 | - Singapore - Singapore

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Michel Guillet

Three Realities 2021

- Singapore - Singapore

lat.: 1.289670, long.: 103.850070

About the work

Three Realities 2021
text - Gertrude Stein - extract from The Geographical Hystory of America, or the Relation of Human Nature to the Human Mind - 1936
translation Gérard-Georges Lemaire Christian Bourgois 1978
reading - audio text converter

About the artist

Michel Guillet, visual artist and composer, bases his works on the link between identity and everyday environment through installation pieces, objects, wall-paintings and soundtracks.
His work challenges existing codes of representation and subconscious perception.
He has been composing for 20 years an electroacoustic music with noisy accents, which owes as much to the beginnings of the concrete music as to the more contemporary noise-experiments.
He regularly collaborates with contemporary choreographers, Marco Berrettini, Donata d'Urso, Sylvain Prunenec and Claudia Triozzi, for whom he composes music for live performances, as well as with visual artists for wich he composed sound environments, music videos.
He is the author of six records and played in several festivals.