Michel Guillet: Sliding of Time | Wind turbine - Boston - United States

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Michel Guillet

Sliding of Time

Wind turbine - Boston - United States

lat.: 42.35843, long.: -71.05977

About the work

The wind turbine acts like a drawing in perpetual movement in double rotation.
The drones and frequencies evolve slowly as well, creating a hypnotic effect for image’s perception, which becomes almost abstract.

About the artist

Michel Guillet has been developing for 15 years an electroacoustic music with noising traces made of superposed layers and diversified sonorous sources, which come from concrete music’s origins and also from more contemporary noise-experiments.
He creates a substance as much tainted with noises and saturations as static frequencies or instrumental mutations. A dynamic music that keeps the presence of a live gesture.
He composes for contemporary choreographers: Marco Berrettini, Claudia Triozzi, Donata D’urso, Sylvain Prunenec, and creates soundtracks and sonorous environments for plastic artists: Bernard Lallemand, Laurent Moriceau, Olivier Nottellet…
He has played with musicians: Palix, Samon Takahashi, Marcus Schmickler, Haco and performed the opening acts of Otomo Yoshihide, Greg Davis, Keith Fullerton Whitman, David Watson. He has also participated to the festivals European Sound Delta, Présences Electronique, Free Son, Mal au Pixel…