Nico Guerrero: Winding Echoing (Music for two prepared electric guitars) | Hofuoborgarsvaoio - Reykjavik - Island

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Nico Guerrero

Winding Echoing (Music for two prepared electric guitars)

Hofuoborgarsvaoio - Reykjavik - Island

lat.: 64.13548, long.: -21.89541

About the work

The Icelandic mountains inspired me moving notes through a « bourdon » that seems to tell a story. I didn't want an abstract drone easily linked to a static video.
I used a wood twine to strum slowly and constantly the six strings of the guitar. The sound of the open chord through reverb and filters reminds me of the wind blowing heavily for days across the land. As we can hear notes in the wind, I let my other hand improvise notes hitting the guitar neck. The second guitar enhances the harmonics of the first one with a bell-like sound, a resonant echoing, winding between the frozen and mysterious mountains.

About the artist

Nico Guerrero is an experimental guitarist living in Paris (Fr) and in Reykjavik (Is), working on the Magickal-electro-acoustic possibilities generated by electric guitar. Filtered and altered through a chain of effects, the massive sound rich in resonant harmonics builds a deep sound space, hallucinatory and melancholic. The particular way of playing layers of chords induces the inner structure of the pieces, the note always linked to the timbre.
He's also the founder of the French band "Vortex" with Sonia Cohen-Skalli in the 90's (Eksaïphnès / Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier).
He recently created in Paris instrumental pieces with the American composer Rhys Chatham, and currently works with the Italian musician Aima Lichtblau on a musical adaptation of the ancient Orphic hymns.