nobodisoundz (philippe neau): Places where we listen... | Lovundvika - Lovund - Norway

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nobodisoundz (philippe neau)

Places where we listen...

Lovundvika - Lovund - Norway

lat.: 66.3697, long.: 12.3640

About the work

Places where we listen... " is a track where we dive in sound thoughts of a motionless traveler.

I wanted to create an "imaginary bridge" between, on the one hand, the external view of the lake offered by the camera and the other, the mental projection of our own inner lake.

I thus imagined an "audio - regardeur" installed by the lake in the daytime or at night, which follows the harshness of the landscape and lets rave its look. The eyes become soaked with slow automatic movements, his thought invents a way which is embodied in the course of the lake, the breath of the wind, ambient noises. The nature vibrates, lights move, shadows pass. The landscape is embodied.

About the artist

First there is painting. My music is a part of my painting (and of all my visual art). It developed progressively. I try to build something between the painting, the sculpture, the installation, the video and the music, between several worlds. I want to place the viewer “inside the painting”, and at the same time, inside an imaginary landscape as a kind of "mental-scape".
These sounds completed my works and added an atmosphere within and around my paintings. With time it became self-sufficient and could exist without pictorial or physical medium.
Thus the project “nobodisoundz” was born in 2008. In my head, my mind, my imagination the name came from the character of “Nobody “ in the Jim Jarmusch movie Dead Man (2007). I like this reference because this character is so peculiar and so singular, declaiming poetry by William Blake in a natural, empty landscape, it is so full of solitude, between life and death, light and darkness, between two worlds. This figure appears to me as an « usher » (as Charon in the Greek Mythology), a link between different worlds and different civilisations, nature and culture. "Nobody" is also the name used by Ulysses in "the Illiade" (Homere, 850-750 BC) when he comes back home : another story, another picture.
To complete the « picture », it is necessary for me to admit the fascination I had with the movie Stalker (Andreï Tarkovsky, 1979) : because of its landscape, its space, its silence, its « empty secret room », the opposition between nature and culture, the wildness and the industrial rubble, the chaos and the dark and gloomy soundtrack.

My soundscape tries to create both tense and quiet, dark and bright atmospheres.

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