Pascale Murtin: tjrslesm^msaccords | Crea Mall - Kawagoe - Japan

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Pascale Murtin


Crea Mall - Kawagoe - Japan

lat.: 35.4167, long.: 136.75

About the work

tjrslesm^msaccords Toujours les mêmes accords (Always the same chords) Proves that poor variety may not be varied but is easily hummed in the street (8 songs on two chords in French)

About the artist

I founded Grand Magasin with François Hiffler in 1982. We have always associated home-made music with made-up catchphrases. We don’t care about excellence or rules, we are self-proclaimed professional amateurs.
In recent years I have created songs with this same conviction.
N.B. I wasn’t offended when an ex-girlfriend advised me to take guitare lessons.