Pest Modern (Emmanuel Hubaut & Joël Hubaut ): Trans Oscillation | Foucaultpendel im Fachbereich Physik - Osnabruck - Germany

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Pest Modern (Emmanuel Hubaut & Joël Hubaut )

Trans Oscillation

Foucaultpendel im Fachbereich Physik - Osnabruck - Germany

lat.: 52.27264, long.: 8.0498

About the work

«The Pest Modern propels its psycho-waves by oscillating in the quantum perpetuity of the primordial breath to blend into the hypnotic mantra of the pendulum contaminated by accidental spatio-temporal vibration accelerations». Joël Hubaut 2017

About the artist

Pest Modern is the project of the visual artist Joël Hubaut and his son Emmanuel, the musician. The idea was born out of the desire to cover the cult track « Rock’n’Roll Station », fruit of the improbable musical encounter between Jac Berrocal and Vince Taylor in the 1970s. As Vince Taylor once said, « Everything is possible ». Taking this cover version as a starting point, work began on an album, a sort of UFO circled by satellites with echoes of retro-futurism. Mixing psycho-surfabilly guitars, Dantesque voices, feedback, analogue echo, electronic sounds and noises … This first album propulses us into Beat Galactic turbulence! Fasten your seat-belts! (Out autumn 2017)

Joël Hubaut cuts an eccentric figure and force in the landscape of contemporary art. Breaking boundaries with his installations, videos, drawings, paintings and diverse objects, he is also known for his performances and live poetry. His is a prolific undertaking that has zig-zagged throughout France and overseas for the last 40 years. As a witness to his individuality, his offbeat energy and the way in which he embraces the absurd, he makes all sorts of manifestations that are unheard of in (or out) of the art world. If art is action, then Hubaut is the vector that constructs exchanges and interactions. A trans-media artist, he is the mobile architect of a chaotic corpus in permanent gestation.

Emmanuel Hubaut is a singer and musician who has recorded a dozen albums and who has performed the world over with different groups. Les Tétines Noires, LTNO, Dead Sexy, EHB or Post Gods … Batcave, Post-Punk, Industrial, Electro Glam, even Experimental Noise … a diverse range of approaches to music, born out of an open attitude to unlikely and unclassifiable collaborations. He lives in Berlin and regularly organises the ElectroPunkQueer festival « Ich Bin Ein Berliner »

Pest Modern