Postcoïtum: Golem 2.3 | Church - Stoborough - England

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Golem 2.3

Church - Stoborough - England

lat.: 50.6751, long.: -2.1106

About the artist

Damien Ravnich (drums) and Bertrand Wolff (laptop, synthesizer) have met while performing an 11-minutes show on November 11, 2011. Postcoitum was born from the collaboration of these two musicians, who work on forceful instrumental compositions calling upon a sharp narrative sense. They have constructed a sonorous universe comprising electronic, industrial and rock inspirations.
After Animal Triste (EP, Daath Records, 2012) and Himera (LP, Daath Records, 2013), the duo releases Learning to be me (LP, Daath records, 2015), an album not only constructed on the musical and poetic impact of transhumanism, but also on sci-fi inspirations within pop-culture.