Stéphane Marin: Quaky sonic pixels | Hofuoborgarsvaoio - Reykjavik - Iceland

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Stéphane Marin

Quaky sonic pixels

Hofuoborgarsvaoio - Reykjavik - Iceland

lat.: 64.13548, long.: -21.89541

About the work

« Quaky sonic pixels »
Field recording based composition.

Processed and layered field recordings from :
-Kogalla beach - Sri Lanka;
-Barcaghju beach - Corsica;
-Canet pond - Saint-Nazaire en Roussillon - France;

Re_composed in Toulouse (France) - June 2017.


About the artist

Stéphane Marin (Espaces Sonores)

Zealot of sonic arts in public spaces, soundscape and listening artist, composer of multi-phonic sound pieces for in situ live performance, Stéphane Marin has been involved since 2003 in site specific artistic adventures which seek out atypical spaces to be experimented and listened to.

Following many collaborations on projects performed in the French hexagon, as far as international festivals such as Singapore, Mexico, Suwon, Beirut, Poznan, Grätz, Valladolid, Manchester, Saarbrüken, Stéphane MARIN created in 2008 Espaces Sonores, a company dedicated to explore the fields of contextual sound creation and art of listening.

Since 2008, his contextual in situ sound work includes « An Umbrella For 2 » audio walks to be shared by two people under an umbrella (Saint Charles train station - Lieux Publics - Marseille / Singapore Arts Festival - National Arts Council); « Élémentaire » an ecological and landscaping sound nap ; listening walks like «  ListeningS to the SpaceS / SpaceS of ListeningS » & «  re_COMPOSED re_ALITY » : a live shared and in situ re_COMPOSITION of the soundscape ; then «  )) archi_teXtures sonores (( » : architecture auscultation shared in a performed installation.
His field recording based composition, phonographic pieces, and radio shows are commissioned by France Culture;  Arte Radio ; Unfathomless ; Framework Radio; as well as the British Library .

On the border between listening to the soundscape and "in situ" compositions, in the porosity proposed by a work who rubs the real, Stéphane MARIN's artistic, ecological and spiritual paths approaching each day a little closer to the noise of silence.