Sylvain Milliot (Véhicule): Minnesang | Kloster Alpirsbach - Alpirsbach - Germany

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Sylvain Milliot (Véhicule)


Kloster Alpirsbach - Alpirsbach - Germany

lat.: 48.5519, long.: 7.4190

About the work

The webcam shows us a view of a Höxter district. The music with its calm melodic pattern allows to install the listening in a duration, and let the listener build mental images and choose a point to observe in the picture. The basic material – a kind of repetitive violin theme – and the different concrete noise elements could evoke a sound picture of the past. Like memories of the old « minnesänger », lyrical poets or medieval legends. Like History layers under the triviality of the urban daily life.

About the artist

Sylvain Milliot is a musician, composer and author. He works for living arts and creates plays for theater with the stage director Lise Ardaillon within Moteurs Multiples. Under the name of Véhicule he creates musical pieces from acoustic and electronic processes with different materials (samples, field recordings, improvisation playings). The music is a mix of composition, improvisation, accidents with a particular attention to the sound aspect and the narrative sound writing. The music should product affects and mental images.