That Summer: Ptrsbrg Yrs (Margarita) | Saint Petersburg Play Area - Saint Petersburg - Russia

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That Summer

Ptrsbrg Yrs (Margarita)

Saint Petersburg Play Area - Saint Petersburg - Russia

lat.: 59.8944, long.: 22.2642

About the work

Composed & recorded at various locations and in various seasons. Edited at home by David Sanson, March-April 2016. Featuring Charles-Eric & Maria Le Dentu, Esther Ada Sanson, and a sample of Meredith Monk's 'St. Petersburg Waltz' (piano by Ursula Coppens): Thank you. The master is watching you.

About the artist

That Summer is a French rock/post-rock group. Founded in Châteauroux as a solo project by David Sanson at the beginning of the 90s, That Summer, now based in Paris, has evolved in style from simple atmospheric music similar to dark-folk, towards a voluntarily experimental rock and more electronic compositions. From the album Clear, which appeared in 2005 on the Talitres label onwards, That Summer started to give concerts as true live band developing into a five piece with the arrival of Etienne Bonhomme, Olivier Cavaillé, Pierre Fruchard and Nikolu Jorio. It was with this group that the album Near Miss was recorded in the Summer of 2008 and released on Talitres in September 2010. In addition to its output as a group, That Summer has also been involved in a number of side projects in collaboration with various contemporary artists, as well as in the fields of theatre and film music.