Thierry Weyd: Little Birds | Little Birds - Bologna - Italy

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Thierry Weyd

Little Birds

Little Birds - Bologna - Italy

lat.: 44.493810, long.: 11.338750

About the work

"Little Birds" is a miniature and literal tribute to the poet Kenneth Patchen (1911 - 1972) and the painter Gorgio Morandi (1890 - 1964).
I suppose they never met, but I like that living "Natura Morta" in Bologna.
The sound was composed for "Seconde Nature" research project and exhibition in 2016.

About the artist

Dilettante artist, Thierry Weyd is also publisher (La Manufacture des Cactées), diplomat (french ambassador of the kingdoms of Elgaland~Vargaland) and teacher.
His audiovisual concerts explore the popular culture and the narrative systems by a recurring use of fragments of advertising images, narrative and musical tunes. Commonplace objects, figurines and strange accessories constitute the miniature landscape of its theatre of operations, a familiar space where tinker experiments of funny physics and a use of the old-fashioned processes conjugate to give rise to projection of images and manipulated sounds.

You can discover a collection of views from the Thierry Weyd's first Acoustic Camera (2016/05/26 - 2017/12/26) on the Facebook page Listening to the bench I can't see when I am sitting on.