Tying Tiffany: Saint Petersburg Play Area | Saint Petersburg Play Area - Saint Petersburg - Russia

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Tying Tiffany

Saint Petersburg Play Area

Saint Petersburg Play Area - Saint Petersburg - Russia

lat.: 59.8944, long.: 30.2642

About the work

When I started to work on Acoustic Cameras, I was captured by a light turn on through the window in the night time in St. Petersburg.
This is a unconventional corner of life, where you clearly can feel the contrast between textures, time flowing, different colors and human being.
A typical district as many in the world, a lot of cement and windows forming organic geometry. The interesting point is the opposite of this iconography, children play and run in the playground full of artificial colors, and it's seems time flows differently in their world, while the grey building on the background creates distorted energy.
I worked in anti phase mode on the second part of the track, fitting the sick vibe of the darks textures but at the same time the piano makes me feel in my natural habitat.

About the artist

Tying Tiffany is an artist with a music career going back to 2004 and five studio albums to her credit, she has always searched for a sincere and original approach to the various forms of art to which she has always been attracted. And for this reason she chose to attend the Art Institute which allowed her to experiment with various artistic paths from design to photography to performance art, but keeping in mind that only music permits her to reach the full expressive.
Her music mashes slinky electronics with a post-punk attitude, and the result is an insistent newwave slamdance with an unashamed pop sensibility stashed in its back pocket.
Has been all over the map straddling a range of careers. She’s gone from an electro-pop singe to one half of T.T.L, alongside producer Lorenzo Montanà, Tiffany’s composed music that’s appeared on TV shows, video games, and The Hunger Games.
From having her songs featured in the US TV show CSI and the video game FIFA ’12 to composing the original trailer music for the huge movie hit The Hunger Games.
TT’s work is never the same, she got differents projects with others moniker: Santasede (electronics, voice, acoustic instruments) with Raymond Dijkstra (acoustic instruments).

Laurapalm3r a.k.a Tiff Lion , focused on old-school techno with a touch of pure industrial.