XX019 und Motto: Access and Restrictions | Grand Lake - Celina - United States

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XX019 und Motto

Access and Restrictions

Grand Lake - Celina - United States

lat.: 40.5358, long.: -84.5743

About the artist

As part of the electronic scene XX019 und Motto is the code name under which Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot operate. Since they met in 2001, their joint work bears the dual hallmark of experimentation and performance. Their pieces bring together various media, associating elements from opposite ranges, with a taste for connections between Sci-Fi and documentary forms, high-tech engineering and fantasy tales, heavyweight materials and fleeting sensations. Starting with installations and objects, their work soon included experimental actions and more immaterial artistic gestures. Videos, sound art, music, poetry, olfactive research, virtual works bordering the digital arts have formed, over the past years, a cycle of works dealing with climate change, economic, political and geo-strategic issues, urban development and food management. They are currently working in Alaska on land art projects dealing with time, archaeology, geology and climate change.