eRikm: Une canopée aux accidents | Place de la Réunion & Temple Saint-Étienne - Mulhouse - France

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Une canopée aux accidents

Place de la Réunion & Temple Saint-Étienne - Mulhouse - France

lat.: 48.983299, long.: 2.45

About the work

A Canopy of Accidents
Transposition and live version for Optical sound
eRikm 2010 

A Canopy of Accidents
An acousmatic piece created for the outdoor, February 3, 2010.
Commissioned as part of the project Sirènes et midi net (Sirens and noon on the dot) in Marseille.
The sirens as sound objects and broadcasting tools.

Initially composed for a public area.
The online version is a sound imprint of the original acoustic projection.
The idea of transposing this sound piece to a home listening environment, by streaming and in relation to a webcam image, activates several different senses.
A temporal and symbolic crease between the memory of a work created for the outdoor, reactivated through a subjective image of reality.
This is still a sound piece connected to a public space outdoors, but its status is dematerialized through the filter of the Internet.
A Canopy of Accidents echoes the propagation of a sound and a specific sequence, which can be heard across an entire area at a time T.
An acousmatic web that brings back to mind the actual principle of the Web.1
The connection between the original accident 2 is intrinsically linked to the paradigm shift in this work, in an increasingly active political context,
ranging from discipline to control3, the eye of the webcam.

A suspension, a snag
the heartbreak of our great collapse
the monthly truncations, preliminary to the disaster
collective revelations of an incident to the accident, these 4,500 siren horns
tear the acoustic and temporal landscapes of distant sound.

Erikm 2016


1 The World Wide Web (WWW), as in, literally, a spider web stretching across the world.
2 Paul Virilio, L'accident original, Éditions Galilée, 2005.
3 Didier Ottaviani, Foucault - Deleuze: de la discipline au contrôle, ENS Éditions, 2003.


Une canopée aux accidents 
Transposition et version live pour Optical sound
eRikm 2010 

Une canopée aux accidents 
Oeuvre acousmatique crée pour l'extérieur le 3/02/10

Commande dans le cadre de Sirènes et midi net à Marseille.
Les sirènes en tant qu’objets sonores et comme outils de diffusion.

Initialement composé pour l'espace public.

La version en ligne est une trace sonore de la première projection acoustique.
L'idée de transposer cette pièce sonore dans le cadre d'une écoute domestique, en streaming et en relation avec une image de webcam, active plusieurs sens.
Un pli temporel et symbolique entre la mémoire d'une oeuvre crée pour l'extérieur, réactivé à travers une image subjective du réel. 
Il s'agit toujours d'une oeuvre sonore en relation avec une place publique en extérieur, mais son statut s'est dématérialisé à travers le filtre du web.
Une canopée aux accidents fait écho à la propagation d'un son et d'une séquence précise, qui s'entend sur l'ensemble d'un territoire à l'instant T.
Une toile acousmatique qui rappelle le principe du web(1).
La connexion entre l'accident originel(2) est intrinsèquement reliée au changement de paradigme de cette oeuvre, dans un contexte politique toujours plus 
actif, allant de la discipline au contrôle(3), l'oeil de la webcam.

Une suspension, une anicroche
le crève-coeur de notre grand effondrement

les césures mensuelles, préliminaires à la catastrophe
révélations collectives d’un incident à l’accident, ces 4500 corps de trompes
déchirent les paysages acoustiques et temporels de la rumeur. 

Erikm 2016

1 : Le World Wide Web (WWW), littéralement la « toile (d’araignée) mondiale » wikipedia
2 : Paul Virilio, L'accident originel Éditions Galilée 2005
4 : Foucault - Deleuze :  de la discipline au contrôle . Didier Ottaviani  ENS Éditions 2003

About the artist

Since 1992, eRikm has extended the field of artistic experimentation on the international scene.
Maintaining a constant fusion between thought, instinct and sensitivity, he pursues a simultaneity of practices and addresses the interplay between various compositional modes, relating to and using all languages.
From his early experience as a guitarist through to his later visual work, he is a maverick genre-bender who breaks down anyone’s attempts to conveniently classify him.
Quickly recognised as a virtuoso turntablist and sound artist (1996), eRikm has made a longlife habit of crossing all territories and « world-systems » deemed "independent", "institutional". At the same time (1997), he has developed an open and aspirational approach toward the technological media, both as a means of development for a new economic model and as an instrument for creation, production and diffusion. He deals with sounds like living organisms, constantly in flux, always open to the risk of accident or delight/unisson. As he plays with all these contradictions in his improvisations, his performance reaches new heights of intensity, trading off both understanding and sensation, seriousness and farce, anticipation and instinct. His work references both the intimate and political, both popular and high culture, but without demonstration. Rather he creates a short-circuit connection between points with his live generated (and degenerated) material – from noise to reference – presenting multiple ways to capture each moment of the present in clear focus. Throughout his career, collaborations have naturally occurred with his audiences and contemporaries, most notably : Luc Ferrari, Christian Marclay, Mathilde Monnier, Jerome Noetinger, FM Einheit… The kind of coincidences which have confirmed his instinctive search for transmutation, and to play on several levels. Since 1997, on his own or with collaborators, eRikm has toured (with 5-7 on-tour projects to date), or created by request specific pieces, both transversal or for fixed spaces (record labels, radio, festivals, art centres…) In the meanwhile, each time building on what has emerged before, the most personal fragments from his work (notably from his early artworks in photography, drawings, visual installations and video) continue to substantiate a singular kaleidoscopic vision. Ultimately, eRikm’s research resonates through all of his work, bordering scientific discovery and a poetic curiosity of the world. eRikm is a Marseille based artist