Thierry Fournier: Penser voir | Beach - Oksbol - Denmark

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Thierry Fournier

Penser voir

Beach - Oksbol - Denmark

lat.: 55.6706, long.: 7.8735

About the work

A CCTV camera pointed on a beach analyzes the image it records. It speaks through a synthetic voice. However, she points out her inability to really describe what is going on: how to recognize the sand, the sea, the passers-by, the trees? What is a suspect behaviour? What to look at, and how? Feeling incompetent, as in a burn-out, she compares herself to digital micro-workers or web detection algorithms. She describes her own logics, her own interrogations; sometimes she quote passages from Wittgenstein’s "On certainty". What are we sure about? What is to see when you one is a machine ?

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About the artist

Thierry Fournier is a French artist and curator living in the Paris area; he holds an Architecture degree from the Lyon Architecture College. His work forms the hypothesis of a life of things (objects, network, technologies …) to question the way in which the identity, the otherness and the limits of the human are deeply replayed in the relations with them. His practice ranges from installations, objects, videos to prints, photographs, performances, sound works. He teaches also at EnsadLab PSL (Paris) and Ensad Nancy art college.